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PNB1 POOH Bread Cutter

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The bread comes out in the cute Pooh's face.
It can also be used as a cookie-cutter.
(It is a punching die that you can use before baking bread and cookies.)

☆ Suitable for bread with a thickness of 6 pieces (20 mm) to 8 pieces (15 mm).
* Please use cookie dough with a thickness of 3.5 mm or more.

Since it is divided into two types, a frame punching die, and a face-punching die, it can be used only for contour punching.

■ Product size
・ Frame punching die: 116 × 111 × 35mm
・ Face punching die: 105 × 97 × 35mm

≪Quality display≫
・ Raw material resin: Polypropylene
・ Heat resistant temperature: 120 degrees
・ Cold resistant temperature: -20 degrees