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Hello Kitty Vacuum tight lunch box 800ml

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Deliciousness sealed, vacuum storage! !!

A vacuum storage container that suppresses the oxidation of food and makes it difficult for freshness and flavor to escape.
Not only as a lunch box but also very convenient for storing leftover rice, side dishes, sweets, and dried foods ♪

Microwave oven OK! Dishwasher is compatible!

■ How to use ■
Align the dedicated pump (sold separately) with the pump hole on the lid to remove the air inside.
When opening the lid, pick up the air valve with your fingers and let air in.
* Vacuum is defined as the state of space below atmospheric pressure (JIS). It does not mean that there is no air at all.
*The amount of rice (about 200 ml) that fits in half of the container, about 2 cups.

[Product size (approx.)]
Size: Width 188 x Depth 145 x Height 66 mm
Capacity: 800 ml
Weight: 255 g

[Quality display (heat resistant temperature)]
Lid, body, stopper: Polypropylene (140 degrees)
Spatula: ABS resin (80) Degree)
Packing/air valve: Silicone rubber (140 degrees)

● Made in Japan

* pump is sold separately (product number: PUM1)
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