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STST1D Hello Kitty Die-cut mist humidifier with stick (with storage pouch)

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A cute die-cut type mist type humidifier that can be used by setting it in your favorite water supply container.
  • With a storage pouch.
  • Ultrasonic type.
  • With a replacement stick, it is compatible with 350 ml and 500 ml PET bottles.
  • Fill the water container with water, set the stick and water core, and supply power with a USB cable.
  • There is a power button and a USB port on the back of the humidifier.
  • The mist stops after about 4 hours of continuous operation (with an error of about 30 minutes before and after).
* If the water core is dry, the mist will not come out, so supply enough water before using.
Size / capacity:
Humidifier / approx. 51 x 48 x 47 mm, stick (short) / approx. φ13 x 117 mm,
stick (long) / approx. φ13 x 170 mm, USB cable / approx. 1000 mm
■ Production area: China
■ Materials / Ingredients: Main materials: Polypropylene