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Strawberry News - October Edition #656

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The Strawberry News October Issue

The October issue of the Ichigo Shimbun has two major features: Kuromi's Birthday and Halloween!
In Kuromi's birthday feature, there are many special projects that can only be seen in the Ichigo Shimbun, such as a special interview with the designer in charge of Kuromi and the latest report on "#World Kuromi Plan" ♡ In
addition, the latest goods with the theme of Heisei gals. There
are plenty of contents, such as "Heartbeat Heisei Gyaru", which looks back on the gyaru culture of the time, and the popular serialized manga "Bokura wa Pedanbui!" A set of 2 mini-size files "Mini ² Chara ♡ File"!
Please check it out☆