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[Skater]Hello Kitty Line Design Antibacterial Silent Combi Set Chopsticks 18cm

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A set of easy-to-use chopsticks, a spoon, and a storage case.
Antibacterial specification containing silver ions.

Dishwasher safe.
The tip of the chopsticks has a non-slip finish.

The spoon is small and long and fits easily in the corner of the lunch box.
A silicone cushion is attached to the case lid, making it difficult to make a clicking sound.
The knob on the case lid is large and easy to open.

Chopsticks/Approx. 180mm
Spoon/Approx. Total length 180mm
Case/Approx. 188 x 47 x 18mm

■Production area: Japan
■Materials: Lid/AS resin (Heat resistant temperature/100 degrees)
Body/Spoon/ABS resin (Heat resistant temperature/100 degrees)
Chopsticks/Methacrylic resin (Heat resistant temperature/100 degrees)
Cushion/Silicone rubber (Heat resistant temperature/140 degrees)