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Skater LO3 My Melody Heart Shaped Omelet Rice Maker

An omelet rice type with a plate on which you can draw the face of Sanrio's popular character, My Melody .

If you put the ingredients in a special case and heat it in the microwave, you
can easily make a heart-shaped omelet rice.
Place the plate on the omelet rice and trace it with a ketchup pen to
complete the cute my melody omelet rice. Children will be delighted if they change
their usual meals a little , not to mention special occasions such as birthdays .

Estimated heating time:
500W / approx. 2 minutes 30 seconds
600W / approx. 2 minutes 00 seconds
* Do not cook over 700W.
* The heating time may vary depending on the model and size of the microwave oven, the temperature of the ingredients, etc. Please make the heating time as a guide.

Raw material resin:
Rice case / egg case / ketchup plate / polypropylene
ketchup pen lid / nozzle / polypropylene
ketchup pen body / polyethylene
Heat resistant temperature:
rice case / egg case / ketchup plate / 140 degrees
ketchup pen lid / nozzle / 140 degrees
ketchup pen body / 70 degree
rice case / approx. 216 x 135 x 61 mm
egg case / approx. 210 x 133 x 66 mm
ketchup plate / approx. 132 x 101 x 25 mm
Ketchup pen / 40ml