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[EKT1 Skater] Hello Kitty & Tiny Cham Electric Kettle 1.1L

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[EKT1 Skater] Hello Kitty & Tiny Cham Electric Kettle 1.1L is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

An electric kettle with a character as a point!
It is separate from the power stand.
It's cordless, so it's easy to use and convenient ♪
Turn on the power switch, and when it boils, the power will turn off automatically.
Please use within the range of 0.3L to 1.1L.
The lid can be removed, so it's easy to clean it.

* When using the kettle for the first time, rinse it 2-3 times just in case.
* When mineral water or alkaline ionized water is boiled, the mineral components contained in the water tend to adhere to the inside of the kettle.
If water stains adhere, use citric acid cleaning or "electric kettle cleaning agent" sold at drug stores.

With instruction manual and warranty.
[Product size (approx.)]
Product dimensions: 145 x 220 x 205 mm (including handle and power stand)
Maximum capacity: 1.1 L
Body weight: 700 g (including power stand)
Power cord length: 75 cm

[Product specifications]
Power supply : AC100V 50 / 60Hz
Power consumption: 900W

* Do not boil anything other than water.
* This product does not have a heat insulating function, so boil only the required amount when you need it.
* Cannot be put on fire. It cannot be placed on an open flame such as a gas table, an electric heater, or an electromagnetic cooking plate.
* Do not use a dishwasher or dishwasher.

■ Manufacturer name: Skater Co. , Ltd.
■ Country of origin / processing: Made in China