[Skater] Hello Kitty Storage Pocket Set of 2 Sachets Seasoning Organizer KTP3

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Just hang it in the door pocket of your refrigerator!
Store all your condiments in a small pocket! Sachet storage pocket!
The wide type makes it easy to store large bags such as sauces and dressings, as well as small bags of condiments such as wasabi and mustard, and gyoza sauces that tend to be scattered around in the refrigerator Since it comes in 2 pieces, it can be stored separately and stored neatly.
It also prevents cold air leaks by reducing the opening and closing time of the refrigerator door.
Dishwasher safe!
200g load capacity.
The hook corresponds to a place with a thickness of 6 mm or less.
[Product size (approximately)] Size: Width 73 x Height 43 x Depth 37mm
[Quality display] Raw material resin: Polypropylene (Heat resistant temperature 120 degrees)
*When using this product, make sure that the refrigerator door is completely closed. please.
*Do not use in the freezer.
●Made in China