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[PRE-ORDER] Skater ANFP2 Hello Kitty Compact Frying Pan and Pot Set

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[PRE-ORDER] Skater ANFP2 Hello Kitty Compact Frying Pan and Pot Set is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

A 4-piece set with a glass lid for a pot and frying pan with a removable handle with characters drawn on the inside and outside (the 2-piece set is printed on the dressing box) The diamond coating makes it difficult for ingredients to stick to each other, making it easy to wash. Can be stored compactly and can be used in an oven by removing the handle .

It is similar to the t-fal Tiffal compatible with gas fires, IH cooking heaters and other electric heaters, 

[Set contents: Size]
Pot: Approx. Diameter 200 mm, Capacity 2.6 L
Frying pan: Approx. Diameter 200 mm, Capacity 1.1 L
Glass lid: Approx. Diameter 190 mm
Detachable handle: Approx. 190 mm

[Quality display]

Inner surface coating of pots and frying pans: Fluorine resin coating processing
Exterior coating: Baking coating
Body material: Aluminum alloy
beam Bottom: Stainless steel (chrome 16%)
Bottom thickness: 3 mm
○ Glass
lid Lid: Reinforced
glass rubber part : Silicone
○ Handle
Resin upper part: Nylon with glass (50%)
Resin lower part: Phenolic resin
Metal part: Stainless steel
Rubber part: Silicone