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Miffy 20 Softly sealed container 3P set (Rectangular)

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Miffy 20 Softly sealed container 3 pieces [Rectangular] Nested type

With a dome-shaped lid, "fluffy" rice and side dishes can be served and the taste is improved ♪

The 3-size case can be nested so it can be stored compactly.
Remove the lid and the microwave is OK!
For lunch boxes, storage containers, accessory cases, etc. ☆

[Product size]
◇ L: Capacity 540 ml, size 151 x 105 x 54 mm
◆ M: Capacity 350 ml, size 140 x 93 x 47 mm
◇ S: Capacity 230 ml, size 128 x 83 × 38mm

[Quality display]
・ Closure: EVA resin/heat resistant temperature 60 degrees
・ Main body: polypropylene/heat resistant temperature 140 degrees
* Do not use in a dishwasher.

● Made in Japan