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Hello Kitty & Tiny Cham Petit Stainless Mug Bottle 160ml

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Petit size when you want to drink a little ♪

A cute pocket-sized direct drinking water bottle.
Stainless steel vacuum double structure that can keep warm and cool.
W mouthpiece type that can be drunk separately, hot and cold.

It fits in a small bag or pochette, so it's perfect for a little outing or putting it on your bedside at bedtime.

[Product size (approx.)]
Size: Diameter 46 mm x Height 175 mm
Capacity: 160 ml
Weight: 145 g

[Quality display]
Inner bottle / mouthpiece: Stainless steel
Body: Stainless steel (acrylic resin coating)
Lid: ABS resin
Drinking mouth : Polypropylene
packing: Silicone rubber
bottom plate: Thermoplastic elastomer

Heat retention effect: 59 degrees or more (6 hours) Cold retention effect:
10 degrees or less (6 hours)

Please drink after that.
* Do not use a freezer, microwave oven, automatic dishwasher, or dish dryer.

● Made in China