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KBMV1 Hello Kitty Multi-pouch with belt

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You can fasten it with a belt and carry it smartly! Multi-pouch with a belt.

Since the back of the pouch has a rubber belt, you can put writing essentials and set it in a notebook, or put chopsticks and a spoon and set it in a lunch box.

If you put in various things depending on your ideas, you can put them together with a belt and your bag will be refreshing!
A multi-pouch with a belt that you can use for your favorite purposes.

[Applicable size (example)]
Lunch box: Approximately 350 to 550 mm around the entire circumference
Notebook/notebook: Approximately 180 to 210 mm
B5-A5 notebook size
* Depending on the shape and size of the lunch box, it may not be possible to install it.

[Product size (approx.)]
Size: 187 x 47mm
Weight: 15g

[Quality display]
Outer material / lining / belt: Polyester