MKCP1 Hello Kitty Mask case with antibacterial partition [Happiness Girl]

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Mask case with antibacterial partition ● Hello Kitty Happiness Girl ●
Silver ion Ag + Mask storage. Carrying hard case

Convenient Clean, hygienic, cute, and fashionable storage case
The mask will not lose its shape even if you put it in a bag!
A mask case with a hard case that is convenient for carrying the mask ♪ With a partition that allows you to store the mask separately!

You can temporarily store masks for meals, etc., and
carry and separate spare masks!

Thin and convenient to carry! Easy lock type that prevents the case from opening and popping out.

* Some masks may not fit depending on the shape and size.
* Mask is not included.

[Product Size (approx.)]
Size: 120 × 195 × 15 mm
Weight: 105 g

raw resin: polypropylene (heat-resistant temperature of 100 degrees)
Pin: Stainless
using antimicrobials Type: Inorganic antibacterial agents
working method: knead machining
Parts: Overall (excluding metal parts) The SIAA mark is displayed on products whose quality is controlled and information is disclosed according to the guidelines of the Antibacterial Product Technology Council, based on the results evaluated by the ISO22196 method.

* It does not suppress the growth of all bacteria.
* The number of sheets that can be stored may vary depending on the shape and type of mask. Please note.

● Made in China