Hello Kitty Laundry Net for 3D Mask

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Let's enjoy the essentials of life comfortably ☆

A laundry net that keeps the shape of the three-dimensional mask.

The shape that fits the shape of the three-dimensional mask makes it difficult to move and prevents it from losing its shape during washing.
The soft mesh fabric protects the mask.
Since it has a loop, you can prevent the ear straps from stretching by drying it as it is!

Side zipper that does not interfere with the washing water flow.
As it is a fastener guard specification, it will not damage other laundry.

[Product size (approx.)]
Size: 230 x 140 mm (excluding loops)
Total weight: 23 g

[Quality display]
Material: Polyester

* Do not use for anything other than washable masks.
* Thick type masks and masks with special shapes may not be included in this product.
* Do not use a dryer or bleach.

Country of origin: China