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ICD1 Hello Kitty Hard ice pack (small)

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● Hello Kitty ● Freezer lock [Small] (set of 4)
Cool Summer Goods,  Cool Down Relax Summer Ice Ice Pack,  Cool Hard Ice Pack Heat Countermeasure Ice,  Ice Cube,  Insoluble Ice Kitty 

It is a freezer lock that can cool the taste of drinks instead of ice.

Unlike ice, it does not melt, so it does not dilute the taste of juices and drinks and does not spoil the taste. Keep the coldness of cold fruits and salads.
You can also use it for icing by wrapping it around a towel or handkerchief ♪ It
will be an indispensable item for a cute and cool summer.

You can use it repeatedly by cooling it in the refrigerator or freezer.

[Quality display]
Body: Polyethylene
Contents: Purified water

[Product size (approx.)]
Size: Width 40 x Length 36 x Depth 17 mm (1 piece)
Weight: 10 g (1 piece)

*Heat-resistant temperature: -20 to 80 degrees
* Do not pour boiling water or hot drinks above the heat-resistant temperature.
* Do not disinfect with boiling water.

● Made in China