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KSKP2P Hello Kitty Diatomaceous earth dry keeper

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Just put it in the canister and it will protect you from excess moisture.

Simply put it in a container such as salt, pepper, other seasonings, or tea leaves to absorb excess moisture.
* Cannot be used for sugar. It absorbs too much moisture and causes the sugar to harden.

When dried, it recovers its hygroscopicity (absorbing or attracting moisture from the air) and can be used repeatedly.

[Product size (approx.)]
Size: Length 36 x Width 43 x Thickness 12.5 mm

2 pieces included.

[Quality display]
Body: Diatomaceous earth

* Diatomaceous earth is a fragile material. Please handle with care.
* Because it is water-absorbent, do not leave it immersed in water.
* Never use an automatic dishwasher or dish dryer.

● Made in China