Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary Book-type Memo (3 Assorted Books & Case)

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The cover is designed with gold leaf, giving it a special feel that is suitable for the 45th anniversary.
One set with three memos and one case.
*You cannot choose the case*

S1 Case 1 Memo: Milk, black dots, bees  yellow background
S2 Case 1 Memo: Red background dot, face check pink pattern, white background black background switching
S3 Case 1 Memo: Cake upper checkered pattern, off-white baby, blue bicycle
S4 Case 1 Memo: Orange Tiny Comic Pink Face
S5 Case 1 Memo: Red and white half body, fairy strawberry

Size: 6.8-9-2.3cm
■ Package: Individual packaging
■ Year of manufacture: 2019