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FukuFukuNyanko Stroke mini cushion (Chachamaru)

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I want to stroke it unintentionally! A mini-cushion that is stroked by cute cats with their necks bent.

The cute form that sits comfortably on your lap will heal you with a firm touch ♪ With a total length of 26 cm, it is a fun size to collect, and it is also recommended as a gift! You can put it on the sofa or bed, or put it on your lap or hold it during desk work.
Michelangelo, Chachamaru, Hatch, Sabata, Kurosuke, Shirotama-chan, Score, and Shasha are all here.
【spec】 Overall length 26 cm / Material: 100% polyester, batting ... 3D cotton / * If it gets dirty, wipe it off with a cloth that has been wrung out tightly.