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FukuFukuNyanko Acrylic frame [Random sale]

You can take pictures with Nyan in an SNS style! Nyansutaguram acrylic frame is now available ♪
You can take pictures with Nyan on the go. Besides, you can take a picture of Nyanko visiting the shining spot, take a picture of each Nyanko's favorite food together, and enjoy taking a stuffed animal ♪ Please take a picture of Nyanko in various places.
I'm looking forward to seeing which of the 6 types will win!

* The product is packaged so that the contents cannot be seen. Since the contents are random, you cannot select the pattern. If you purchase more than one, the contents may be duplicated.
* This product cannot be exchanged or canceled for your convenience. Please be forewarned.

【spec】 Size: Length 8.2 x Width 9.3 cm / Material: Acrylic