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D861 My Melody Sarasa Clip 5 milk colors 0.5mm

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My Melody Zebra SARASA CLIP 5 Color Set

Stationery that makes daily work and study fun ☆ Boasts a smooth and smooth writing taste ★ Gentle milky color that shines on both dark and white paper ♪
■ Size
case: Approximately 5.8 × 1.2 × 15 cm
■ Main materials ・Raw material
● Knock type gel ballpoint pen "Sarasa Clip (manufactured by Zebra Co., Ltd.)" 5 color set
● Ink color (5 colors): Milk blue, milk pink, milk blue green, milk purple, milk white
● Core size 0.5 mm
● Gel ink with a smooth and smooth writing taste
● Can be sandwiched between thick boards with a movable binder clip
■ Country of origin