Skater SPB1 Spray Bottle My Melody

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For traveling and going out! A convenient spray bottle that can be refilled with lotion or mist lotion and carried compactly

 ★ It is also recommended for cleaning and sterilization.
It can also be used as a spray container for rubbing alcohol.

[Product size (approx.)]
Size: Diameter 25 x Height 117 mm
Capacity: 30 ml
[Quality display]
Body: PET
cap / spray part: Polypropylene
Packing: Foamed polyethylene
Straw: Polyethylene

* Caution *
Please note the following points when using an alcohol container.
1) The alcohol concentration should be up to 80%.
2) Do not leave it for a long time (several months) with alcohol in it.
3) After use, spray with water to wash.
* Not suitable for long-term storage.
* Do not boil disinfectant as it may deform.