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[Pre-Order] Casio NameLand x Sanrio Characters Model KL-SP10-SA

■ Sanrio Characters Collaboration Model KL-SP10-SA

You can easily make labels with your smartphone! Make your own label with your favorite combination! 

Compact smartphone-only model Nameland Ema's Sanrio Characters collaboration model.You can easily make cute labels using emojis and frames such as Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, My Melody, and Little Twin Stars.Ⓒ '21 SANRIO CO., LTD.APPR. NO. S621307

Sanrio Characters collaboration model is now available in Casio "NAME LAND i-ma" ☆
You can use 94 types of Sanrio Characters pictograms, 36 types of frames, and 24 types of samples. You can easily make cute labels such as arranging and wrapping ♪ The main body with Hello Kitty and My Melody designed is also cute ☆
There are plenty of tapes to print labels, such as those that can be attached to cloth and kraft paper materials with a fashionable atmosphere Lineup.
In addition to Sanrio Characters, 1000 types of emoji that can be used for various purposes such as kitchen and daily necessities are preset, so you can enjoy arranging labels ♡

A dedicated app "LABEL DESIGN MAKER i-ma" makes it easy to create labels. By downloading Sanrio content after purchase, you can print labels using your favorite Sanrio Characters pictograms and frames.

● You can easily create labels with a dedicated app by connecting to a smartphone.
-Not only for naming but also for various scenes such as organizing and storing and wrapping.
● 94 types of Sanrio Characters pictograms, 36 types of frames, 24 types of samples, 1000 types of pictograms that can be used for various purposes other than Sanrio Characters are preset

Compatible tape types: NAME LAND Tape
Compatible tape width: 3.5mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm
maximum printing width: 12mm (using 18mm width tape)
2WAY power supply: AC adapter included or 6 AA batteries sold separately