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ENMG4 Enamel Mug Cup [Hello Kitty & Tiny Chum]

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A mug cup made of enamel that is difficult to change the taste and scent.
Enamel is resistant to acids and alkalis and has excellent corrosion resistance.

[Product size (approximately)]
Size: Diameter 91 x 117 x 80mm (including handle) Capacity :
380ml (appropriate amount )
Weight : 170g

Due to its characteristics, there may be some unevenness, chipping, peeling, etc.
Please note. *The enamel is vitreous. Do not give a sudden shock such as dropping from a high place, and do not pour water on it when it is boiled dry.
*Do not use a microwave oven, oven, grill function, open fire, automatic dishwasher, or dish dryer.
●Made in China
*The posted image is an image only. Colors and patterns may differ from the actual product.