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KSDR1 Hello Kitty Diatomaceous earth drive lock

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Product specifications
Size (approx.) Length 36 x Width 43 x Thickness 12.5 mm
Material Diatomaceous earth

* Cannot be used for sugar. It absorbs too much moisture and causes the sugar to harden.
* Diatomaceous earth is a fragile material. Please handle with care.
* Because it is water-absorbent, do not leave it immersed in water.
* Never use an automatic dishwasher or dish dryer.
▽ Product description
● Natural material with excellent humidity control, diatomaceous earth series
● Just put it in the canister to protect it from cute moisture.
● Absorbs excess moisture simply by putting it in a container such as salt, pepper, other seasonings, and tea leaves.
● When dried, the hygroscopicity is restored and it can be used repeatedly.

country of origin China