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FukuFukuNyanko Ladle

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A ladle with a cute handle. If you hang it on a hook and store it upright, you can always cook with Nyanko ♪ If you
arrange it with FukuFukuNyanko's pot and ladle, you can have a pot party with Nyanko tableware!
Made of nylon that does not easily scratch frying pans and pots. A lightweight type that is easy for children to use. Dishwasher usable and easy to clean. Michelangelo, a calico cat, and Chachamaru, a tea tabby cat. FukuFukuNyanko will help you cook.
【spec】 Approx. W10 x D6.5 x H33.4 cm / Material: Head part ... Nylon, Handle part ... PP / Body weight: Approx. 75 g / Dishwasher: Possible