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ENC8 Enamel Canister with Wooden Lid [Hello Kitty & Tiny Chum]

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ENC8 Enamel Canister with Wooden Lid [Hello Kitty & Tiny Chum] is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Made of enamel that is difficult to change the taste and scent.
Strong against acids and alkalis and excellent in corrosion resistance.

The wooden lid is with packing.

[Product size (approximately)]
Size: Diameter 110 x 120 mm
Capacity: 750 ml
Weight: 420 g

[Quality display]
Packing: Silicone rubber (heat-resistant temperature -20 to 140 degrees)
Lid: Natural wood

Surface treatment / Enamel
Material type / Body : Steel plate for

enamel * Due to the characteristics of enamel, there may be some unevenness, chipping, peeling, etc. Please note.
*The enamel is vitreous. Do not give a sudden shock such as dropping from a high place, and do not pour water on it when it is boiled dry.
*Do not use a microwave oven, oven, grill function, open fire, automatic dishwasher, or dish dryer.

●Made in China

*The posted image is an image only. Colors and patterns may differ from the actual product.