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Block memo Kira Imai x Raimu Taya

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A block memo studded with girly motifs that girls love. You can enjoy the illustrations drawn by Kira Imai anytime, anywhere.
Kira Imai is an illustrator. Her girl illustrations and romantic textiles are loved by Lolita girls all over the world.
Raimu Taya: Started modeling when she was in elementary school. She was elected as "Miss iD 2015" when she was in high school, and she appeared in the MV of the TV drama "Stork" (TBS series) and became a hot topic. After working as an exclusive model for the magazine "non-no" (published by Shueisha), she is currently expanding her range of activities as a model, including catalogs, magazines, and web advertisements. In her private life, she loves Lolita and Gothic styles, and her hobbies include collecting and customizing dolls, games, and anime.

Size Package: 
Main materials / raw materials:

4 patterns, 30 sheets each, 120 sheets, 100 x 90 mm

Made in Japan